Making a Difference

What makes Michael different from most other financial planners is that he charges a fee for the production of your financial plan. This secures his recommendations are truly in your best interest. In other words, his income is not reliant on a need to sell you a product (investment or insurance product). The objective of every plan is to make Michael’s clients' dreams become a reality. If a product is recommended, you can feel secure in the knowledge that it is the best option to meet your objectives.

You May Be Entitled to a Discount

If you are a member or customer of certain institutions Michael’s fees may be covered or discounted for your benefit. For instance:

· If you are a member of the Saugeen Community Credit Union , there is no cost to you for your financial plan.

· If you are a member of the The Energy Credit Union , there is no cost to you for your financial plan.

· If you are a client of George Isley and Associates, Insurance Services, there is no cost to you for your financial plan.

Why a financial Plan?

A plan is the glue that pulls all of your financial strategies together, and makes your situation make sense to you.

How can you save for retirement if you don’t know how much you need to save? What rate of interest do you need to earn to achieve your dreams? What type of portfolio is required to earn that return?

What will happen to my life’s work, my estate, my home, my cottage when I die? Do I know that it will go to my chosen heirs? Or will it be lost to Revenue Canada, lawyers, or unhappy heirs because I did not plan it properly?

How do I best retire from my family business, without giving up complete control? Do I want to give up complete control? Are there unknown tax implications if I sell my business to a third party, or transfer it to a family member? What are my options if my business partner leaves the business, or dies? What incentives can I provide to ensure I keep my best employees?

A good financial plan gives you the security of knowing every step required to make your dreams come true.