Business Owners

The concept of financial planning often brings with it an air of mystery for business owners. We are experienced at working with business owners and understand that your business is much more than a job; it has been a way of life for you and your family, and it has grown right along with your family.

We specialize in working with business owners to enhance their business and make sure that the business has every opportunity to remain successful into the future.

This may involve ensuring that business assets and loans are properly structured to provide the best possible income and tax advantages; that the shareholders agreement allows the business to survive the loss of a shareholder; or that business owners who are considering retirement or semi-retirement understand all of their options for receiving retirement income, transferring the business to family or a third party, and ensuring an equitable estate for all of their children.

You have worked hard, possibly spending a lifetime building your business. A plan can give you options to ensure you and your family reap the benefits of your work and sacrifice.